Rochelle Voyles is a Brooklyn based mixed media artist and sculptor originally from the midwest.
Her works are earthy, laborious explorations of material. She fuses the psychological with the demanding physicality of her materials, creating totems, metaphors, and curios out of wool and plant matter.

She received her BFA in Printmaking from Pratt Institute and concentrated her studies in sculpture and artist books.

Artist Statement: 
I grew up immersed in the culture of plants. Being the daughter of two avid gardeners, a great deal of my sculptural language stems from their influence and that of the fiber artists and blue-collar lifestyle that surrounded me.

My current works utilize plants, dirt, wool, felt, and paper; synthesizing these materials to create ancient and alien feeling objects. I like to distort the boundaries between conceptual symbolism and abstraction, to see where a material’s meaning and origin coalesce to become something otherworldly.

I’m attracted to the visible markings of labor and time present in handmade items and time worn materials; wooden branches shaped into snakes by wind and flash floods, hand spun wool, Quaker furniture, vines sculpted through withering into the shape of what they leaned against.

My own processes are laborious and meticulous, and they combine a materials origin with metaphor and the mind. Often I find myself thinking about how emotional and mental states color perception, and about how my materials unravel that internal dialog.