A Hollow Routine, 2018, A collection of 50 felted pieces, each ranging in size. Felt. 

Felt is often associated with being itchy, thick, and unbreathable. It is the earliest known textile, an ancient practice that is speculated to have been discovered accidentally.  

Hollow Routine is a collection of hand felted pieces made from the household objects we interface with daily.  From frying pans to mugs- to saws and spray bottles, each object is wrapped with raw wool and painstakingly needle felted. The felt forms a comforting, soft, protective layer around the object that is slightly unnerving, suffocating.

In wrapping these tools a skin is formed that removes their usefulness, yet solidifies, almost embalms how special each one is. When the objects are cut out from these skins a hollow shell; a wrapper facsimile devoid of its ability to assist a person, is left over.