Pot Bound. 2018. Each piece around 10-17"x 10". 
Mixed Media: Dirt, plant matter, ink, paper, resin. 

Pot Bound is an artist book inspired by the material relationship house plants roots have with their pots. Plants who aren’t given new soil and bigger pots periodically grow their roots in spirals, endlessly circling the place and space they already know. This is what the term 'Pot bound' refers to.

These plants whose roots have done this circling are used as a shell for writings on the nature of restriction- being held or stuck in a place, a city/ a headspace/ or a difficult emotion. They reference the danger of self neglect and the importance of change in the development of personal growth.

7 poets wrote short pieces meditating on the pot bound form, and their poems are folded in a scroll format, tucked neatly into the hardened soil of an edition of 6 plant books. Each pot bound form is encased in resin, a permanent sealant that metaphorically and physically prevents any future growth.

June 2018. Mixed Media; Dirt, plant matter, ink, paper, resin. 

Poems by: 
O MER"When It's Peaceful" and "מְגֵרָה"
Mickey Hoover, "Crud Caked"
Wimpy A.F. , "No Shame" and "Toxic"
Sarah Lynn Rogers, "Covers"
Lindsay Skedgell, "Loss of Control" and "Edge of the Earth"
Mike Solomon, "As Time"
Alex Schechter, "Temperate Tangle"

Poems in the order they appear: